Hey Joe (Fontana), Where you goin' with that money in your hand?

Here's a guy that's getting more press than he likely wants. Joe Fontana, current mayor of London, Ontario, was recently charged by the R.C.M.P. for fraud, based on an investigation in to allegations that he misused public funds to pay for his son's wedding when he was an MP 7 years ago. This shouldn't come as a surprise to Mr. Fontana, but I believe that he ought to step aside until his name has been cleared of any wrong-doing.

There has been outcry from the huddled masses demanding his immediate resignation ever since the investigation's first announcement. Unfortunately for Mr. Fontana, the "man in the street" is an angry S.O.B., and is less likely to offer you presumed innocence as he is to string you up from the nearest dule tree. I disagree with most of these people. I believe that not only are most politicians dishonest to some extent, but also that most non-politicians are dishonest, to some extent. Politicians are simply more likely to have their dirt dug-up by enterprising news reporters than your average citizen.

What would I like to see? I would like for a reporter to gather a few of the most extreme public commenters investigated by the media, and any of their wrong-doings published for the world (or at least the city) to see. These misdeeds should of course be paired with their extreme comments. An argument that might be proffered by these extremists is that Joe Fontana is a public servant, and has given up his right to privacy. You would be right, of course, but how does that translate in to requiring that someone lose their job based on an unproven allegation?


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