Censorship in the U***** S***** of A******. F*** the People

Have you heard? No, I doubt is getting a lot of news, although I don't really watch television at all so I wouldn't know. It seems that if you're a resident of Arizona, the government has determined that you can only be taught "White" material. Of course the legislation doesn't say that! That would be silly. What it does say is that no school is allowed to offer a course that is "[...] designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group". So... Imagine that you and your wife live in a latino neighbourhood in Arizona. Your two latino kids go to the neighbourhood school with their latino friends, (did I mention that you should imagine yourself as latino, if you aren't?), and they learn to read and do their maths with the guidance of their latino teachers. The history teacher decides that it would be useful to have a course on latino history, (do you agree?) since most of the pupils are latino, but unfortunately it's banned by the state. Your child will learn history from a White American perspective, or the state will take money from the school district. You (the parents) do not get to decide what your child learns in the school system. What do you think this is, a democracy?

This doesn't mean that the school shouldn't discriminate, of course, as the bill goes on to explain that the bill is not banning "Courses or classes that include the history of any ethnic group and that are open to all students, unless the course or class violates subsection A." So you can teach some latino history in your white history class. That last bit is the clincher though, as it still says that you can't have a whole class about it.

On a later point, it outlines that it does not restrict teaching any instances of historical genocide, or "the 'historical' oppression of a particular group of people based on ethnicity, race, or class". The inner 'quotes' are my addition, for emphasis. At the risk of sounding banal, I'd like to point out that this bill says that you can teach about black slavery a few hundred years ago, but if there is oppression or genocide going on right now, it can't be taught!

I also appreciate how the bill also covers a ban on promoting the overthrow of the government. That truly would have made me smile, had it been in something by a science fiction author.

Wake the F*** up, A******

P.S. I read that researchers have figured out how to use glucose (blood sugar) to fuel tiny computers, so it won't be long before everyone gets implants. It will be for your safety of course! It will surely protect you from [threat].

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