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Top 100 Stories That Shaped The World - BBC

I'm not one for reposts, but I love reading so this one seems appropriate to share here. The TLDR; is that lots of people were asked which stories they thought changed the world, and the list is what resulted. , and then come back here and let me know which one I should read next. The list below shows my current progress, green meaning I've read it.

Le Toade

Took a pic of a toad, make it stand out. Maybe I'll do something more with him later. Flying through space? Visiting the seven wonders?

Time Lapse Needle Felting

I did a project for a German course at school, where I interviewed a German-Canadian community member in order to create a video. As she is an avid crafter, and volunteers at the ChristKindl Markt, we did needle felting during the interview, and I made a time-lapse of me creating a maple leaf, using Germany's flag's colours. I also included an image of die Weihnachtsmännern that we created. Do you like? I had fun making them. It's interesting how the wool gets denser and denser every time you poke it with the barbed needles.

Hell On Wheels!

My friend's daughter, Maggie, saved me from certain doom, when a giant fireball suddenly appeared from the ocean! of my earlier attempts at image compositing. Not my best work, but it was fun to make.

Family Restoration

Here's an image that seems to have suffered some scissor damage! But with some time, and patience, that portrait is better than new!
Even the arm is only mildly disconcerting, when you stare at it. Don't stare.

Found Insects - Some Kinds of Beetle

Are you familiar with insects in Ontario, Canada? I've found, and photographed a few recently, and can't seem to find any images that lead to a positive identification except for the spider.

Here's a nice pic of a beetle found near my tomato plants. It looks similar to a leaf-footed bug, but I'm not sure what it is. Squash bug?

Next is another unknown beetle. Looks similar to pics of a Soldier Beetle, or possibly Pennsylvania Leatherwing. What do you think?