Taking Notes in Linux for Students

Taking notes is an important part of school life, especially in college and university where the content is often presented at a faster pace than in earlier levels. In the upper levels, computers are often used by students in the classroom, so I'm going to try out a few different options available to me on Ubuntu Linux 13.04. Users of other releases or distributions (such as Fedora, openSuse, Arch) will likely have to modify the install instructions based on their setup.

First off is some research. I have found a bunch of note-taking programs. I am sure that there are others, but I'll add them at a later date. Feel free to tell me about projects that I didn't mention, in the comments below.

I will only be reviewing note taking software that is free to use. I would prefer opensource software, but I will use anything except for crippled, demo, or otherwise functionally limited software. I would be willing to add reviews of proprietary note taking software if I feel it is noteworthy, and a licensed copy is donated.

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