Coming Soon - London Ontario Linux User's Group -

I've just purchased! I will be setting up a community site, in the hopes that I can help to stir up interest in the community. When I first started using Linux, I had a free domain at, but it wasn't a good domain name. I also didn't do much with it, so despite having people sign up, it languished and eventually I shut it down.

There has been a Google Group for lolug for years, but it seems to now be inactive, and the "website" for lolug which was at Vox (free service) is now gone, as is Vox.

So, finally, there will be a proper website for London, Ontario Linux users. I will develop it while running live, so if there is anyone in London, Ontario that would like to help develop or theme the lolug Drupal site, let me know in the comments and we can get in touch.

This is a link to the domain, but might not yet be live:


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