Le Toade

Took a pic of a toad, make it stand out. Maybe I'll do something more with him later. Flying through space? Visiting the seven wonders?

Time Lapse Needle Felting

I did a project for a German course at school, where I interviewed a German-Canadian community member in order to create a video. As she is an avid crafter, and volunteers at the ChristKindl Markt, we did needle felting during the interview, and I made a time-lapse of me creating a maple leaf, using Germany's flag's colours. I also included an image of die Weihnachtsmännern that we created. Do you like? I had fun making them. It's interesting how the wool gets denser and denser every time you poke it with the barbed needles.

Images of needle-felted Santas

Hell On Wheels!

My friend's daughter, Maggie, saved me from certain doom, when a giant fireball suddenly appeared from the ocean! of my earlier attempts at image compositing. Not my best work, but it was fun to make.

Family Restoration

Here's an image that seems to have suffered some scissor damage! But with some time, and patience, that portrait is better than new!
Even the arm is only mildly disconcerting, when you stare at it. Don't stare.

Damaged Image
Repaired image

Youtube Video Intro - Blender

I've gone and made a 90 frame video intro for a Youtube series that I might or might not start. I've used the name "Grokology", as it is my domain name, and my minecraft username.

Here is an early test render of one of the frames. There have been many tweaks since then, but the effect is mainly the same.

It was created entirely with Blender 2.75, and contains 2 scenes, 3 layers, and 3 particle systems. Lighting is from far too many point lights, as well as material emission. Please feel free to comment! I will post the intro once it's done rendering, and I've had a chance to upload it.



Here is the final video. I hope you enjoy all 8 seconds! There's sound too!


Example Logo - Aegis

This logo, which is a fake logo for a real company, was done to practise my GIMP skills. I will continue adding more to the series.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. If you're interested in having your logo redesigned, contact me for a quote.


fake aegis logo image

Addicted to Time-Lapse!

I got a new Logitech HD webcam (1920x1080), and wasn't having much luck doing time-lapse because the method that I was using with the 2.1MP webcam was using too many cpu cycles.I wrote a simple Bash script to use uvccapture so that I could capture in numeric series, starting at the number after the current highest. I think there is a better way to find the most recent file than the way I've done (using ls and a few pipes) and that is one of the things that I have to change. The good thing is that it works, with some more youtube videos coming soon. I wonder if anyone is even interested in time-lapse photography...