Time Lapse Needle Felting

Submitted by jean-paul on Sat, 03/11/2017 - 00:27
Images of needle-felted Santas

I did a project for a German course at school, where I interviewed a German-Canadian community member in order to create a video. As she is an avid crafter, and volunteers at the ChristKindl Markt, we did needle felting during the interview, and I made a time-lapse of me creating a maple leaf, using Germany's flag's colours. I also included an image of die Weihnachtsmännern that we created. Do you like? I had fun making them.

Youtube Video Intro - Blender

Submitted by jean-paul on Fri, 07/17/2015 - 23:52
logo video

I've gone and made a 90 frame video intro for a Youtube series that I might or might not start. I've used the name "Grokology", as it is my domain name, and my minecraft username.

Here is an early test render of one of the frames. There have been many tweaks since then, but the effect is mainly the same.