London Ontario's Hashtag

Submitted by jean-paul on Wed, 03/12/2014 - 15:32

Hey London. I have had to search for London, Ontario's hashtag more than once, and I think I know why. It's because it sucks. I understand that #london wasn't available, but #ldnont is unintuitive. It could be improved in a few ways.

U.K. Teen Arrested For ... Not Being Nice Online

Submitted by jean-paul on Wed, 08/01/2012 - 08:02

We've known for a while that some countries are more interested in limiting the freedoms of its residents than others are, but now it seems that in the United Kingdom, you can be charged for not being kind. Forget laws banning threats, harassment, or any kind of fair use copying, because the U.K. is now demonstrating to the world that you aren't even allowed to voice an opinion that might make someone sad or angry.