Submitted by jean-paul on Tue, 10/02/2012 - 12:50

Ubuntu LogoI downloaded the Beta 2 image of Ubuntu 12.10(amd64) today! I'm excited to see how it is, and it's booting on my laptop right now. I put it on a usb key with unetbootin, so I don't have to install it to my harddrive.


Uh-oh. I got a bit of output that looks like it's from nouveau, and now I'm at a nearly blank black screen with a few corrupted purple squares (login screen purple). alt+ctrl+F1 doesn't do anything. I hit the power button, and after 30 seconds my computer is off. Let's try that again!

Power button...F9 (BIOS boot order)...removed "quiet" from grub...Output says "nouveau GPU lockup - switching to software fbcon" - "Failed to idle channel 2"!!  That sucks. So now I'm in low graphics mode with no mouse cursor, and it's asking if I'd like to reconfigure the graphics. No mouse cursor is visible, and tab isn't changing options, arrow down either. I can alt+ctrl+F1, so I go to the terminal and try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg". No error, but nothing obvious happens. I'm out of disk space, so the xorg.conf isn't being created. I move the default to the normal config location, and edit it. It's nearly empty, as it's a failsafe version. The selected driver is fbdev, and since that's not working, I change it to nv. I know, I know. I don't have the driver installed, so that's just wasting time. I save it and restart lightdm. Once I confirm that that was futile, I hit the power button. 

I'm not sure if I should keep trying. I just selected the daily build to download and started up X-Chat. I'm willing to bet that there's someone in #ubuntu+1 that will try to help...Posted my problem, but the channel is dead-quiet right now. I rebooted 12.10 again, and got low graphics mode, but I can't seem to get any farther than that. Not even a proper desktop.

My internet connection is a lot slower than it used to be, so while I wait for the nightly build to finish downloading, I'm going to wipe my usb key and put the iso on it. Then I'll see if I can install it in VMWare.

(a short while later)

I booted the iso in vmware, and I can see a desktop! Oh, it's the boot or install choice. Install it is! I'm choosing to not download updates while installing, even though it detected my network. I'm also choosing the default install, whereas I would have chosen to manually create partitions if I was doing an install.

I haven't seen anything about Wayland yet. I thought it was supposed to replace Xorg by this release. Perhaps it's been delayed?

Check page 2 for the rest of the review!



Until I get a persistent USB install, I won't be concerning myself with performance, as running under vmware will be slower than a native install.

(a little while later)

I put 12.04 on the usb key again with unetbootin, but this time selected 2gb as the persistent space, and now it boots just fine. That's crazy! It's still just the live cd that's running, but it's workable for now.

So far, it doesn't seem very different than 12.04. I noticed that there are more choices for linking "online accounts" in the system settings. There used to be only google, but now you can also choose Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, AIM, Windows Live, Salut,, Yahoo, and Jabber.

I updated the sources.lst file to remove the install media and add universe and multiverse sources. Then I install vim, synaptic, jockey-gtk, and ubuntu-restricted-extras.

(a little while later)

So jockey-gtk installed, but it seems that it's a transitional package, and doesn't include anything. I'm not sure what is supposed to replace it, but having the nvidia driver would be pretty handy. I'm doing a dist-upgrade before I shut down and restart (after a cool-down...laptop is warm now!). Someone in IRC #ubuntu+1 just let me know that the driver configuration options are now integrated in to software-settings (software sources) on the "additional drivers" tab.

One change I noticed is that there are songs (for sale) being returned in the Dash. There doesn't appear to be a way to switch between lenses, or...(pause)...oh wait, the Dash is opening slightly taller than my screen, so the lenses appear when I push on the bottom edge. This isn't a Dash feature! I just noticed that my desktop is in fact slightly larger than my screen, and I can pan by pushing on the edge.

Slight error during dist-upgrade. Something about fstab and the root of the device. I think my chances of reboot fail have just increased! I did a quick search, and found someone else having the same problem (stems from usb key being ntfs, so grub is not primary). What they suggested unfortunately didn't work for me. What I had to do was remove both versions of that script with "sudo rm /etc/kernel/*/zz-update-grub && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".

The System Settings app has some changes, notably the inclusion of a "Privacy" panel, which allows you to manage your file and application history, as well as setting whether you'd like to send error reports, and a link to the privacy policy. It also has an app for Landscape management service, and one for changing your software sources. That last one is handy, as I was keeping synaptic installed just for that feature.

The Unity panel comes with an Amazon button, which opens a browser to, and there is also a button for Ubuntu One Music. I logged in to the latter with my launchpad login, and a cursory search indicates that they have a decent amount of content. I found both NOFX and Screeching Weasel, but no Bad Religion. If you listen to a lot of music, it might be worth checking out.