Submitted by jean-paul on Wed, 03/20/2013 - 23:48

I cut a leaf off of a healthy prayer plant with a razorblade. I cut within an eighth of an inch of the node, on an angle parallel to the remaining stem. I scored the bottom 0.5" of stem and dipped it in rooting gel.

In a 3" pot, I poked a 2" deep hole with a pencil. I put the cutting in the hole and tamped the soil down lightly to secure the cutting.

I don't know that this method will work, as I didn't include an entire node. I will update this post when either the leaf dies, or a new leaf appears.

On a side node, the two pots in the foreground of the image are Stevia seeds. From what I have read, they require light and warmth to germinate so the seeds are visible on the top of the soil. The 6 small pots behind the leaf cutting are ficus benjamina seeds, which also require light to germinate.

The white GE device in the foreground is a wireless temperature sensor so that I can ensure the temperature in the humidity dome is around 77 F.

Update: Fail. There were no roots at all. I ended up just pulling the entire plant out of the pot and splitting it. That was about a week ago, and both halves seem to be doing fine.