Submitted by jean-paul on Sat, 07/28/2012 - 13:08

This is my official F-You to the folks at CTV. I went to to watch some of the olympics, but all of their videos require Microsoft Silverlight. I am a Linux user, so I went to and installed the silverlight plugin, as well as the codec packs that it offers. I did this in both Firefox and Chromium, but I still can't see any video. Is silverlight really so much better than flash that CTV needs to use it? The only advantage I can see is that they don't have to serve the video feeds to as many people.

Someone on the forum posted a link to a news story on that said "This free plug-in downloads in seconds and enables a rich, safe and secure online video experience, delivering a consistent cross-platform (Mac OS, Windows and Linux), cross-browser experience to fans. "; the story is no longer posted. I read on the FAQ that their video requires Silverlight 5.1 or higher, but unfortunately the current version of mono is only .net 4.0.

For anyone reading this, if you use Linux or Mac, are you able to see any of the videos on that site?