Submitted by jean-paul on Wed, 03/12/2014 - 15:32

Hey London. I have had to search for London, Ontario's hashtag more than once, and I think I know why. It's because it sucks. I understand that #london wasn't available, but #ldnont is unintuitive. It could be improved in a few ways.

One is an idea that has been adopted by quite a few Canadian cities so far, and that is using our airport code. With every airport having a unique code, and that code being 3 letters, I don't see very many conflicts. Ours, by the way, is YXU, so our hashtag could be #yxu. That's not very memorable either, but if it is adopted, people would be able to figure it out as easily as I can currently find #ldnont.

Another way could be to use the city name and our province code. This would obviously work for any Canadian city, and could possibly resolve other conflicts. That would lead the way to some hashtags like #londonON and #TorontoON or #MontrealQC.

Does anyone use any other hashtags for London, Ontario? Do you favour replacing #ldnont with #yxu or #londonon?