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Found Insects - Some Kind of Something Else

Submitted by jean-paul on Thu, 07/30/2015 - 17:54

Maybe I need a new section for my pics of insects. This little monster landed in front of me while sitting in Victoria Park. Not sure what it is yet, and I'm reading The Forever War right now, and don't want to look for it. Bonus points to anyone who finds it before I update this post.


Found Insects - Some Kinds of Beetle

Submitted by jean-paul on Thu, 07/23/2015 - 19:14

Are you familiar with insects in Ontario, Canada? I've found, and photographed a few recently, and can't seem to find any images that lead to a positive identification except for the spider.

Here's a nice pic of a beetle found near my tomato plants. It looks similar to a leaf-footed bug, but I'm not sure what it is. Squash bug?

Next is another unknown beetle. Looks similar to pics of a Soldier Beetle, or possibly Pennsylvania Leatherwing. What do you think?



Submitted by jean-paul on Mon, 01/19/2015 - 17:35

Here's a pic from when I was in 4RCR. I believe this was taken shortly after the Paardeberg Ball.


Meine Präsentation, Deutsch 2220

Submitted by jean-paul on Wed, 10/08/2014 - 21:53

Here are my presentation files:

First is the Powerpoint file. Give it a second after clicking, it's a big file.

Below is my word list.

Below is my presentation in PDF format, just in case.


Losing it

Submitted by jean-paul on Sun, 08/24/2014 - 13:49

I really wish that I could figure out a way to stop losing stuff. First my ereader, which is still missing, and now I've lost an audio patch cable that i use all of the time. I searched for hours for the former, and an hour today for the latter, but I had no luck. It isn't like i have milions of places for either of them to be, and i didnt lose either of them with their accessories. I still have my ebook reader case, so its not like it fell from my bag. I also didnt lose my portable speaker or its power supply, so WTF, WORLD? WTF

3 Gratitudes - March 12, 2014

Submitted by jean-paul on Wed, 03/12/2014 - 14:55

Oops! I got busy and forgot to write my daily gratutudes. I could go back and post-date some, but I'd rather do some reading for this Saturday's exam.

  1. I am grateful that my extra word in German has translated into a 95% on the verbal component of my mid-term examination.
  2. I am grateful for the time that the internet saves me during research and extra course work. Especially for foreign languages, the internet gives access  to amazing resources.
  3. I am grateful for the freedom to say nearly whatever I like, without fear of persecution. Mostly.

3 Gratitudes - March 6, 2014

Submitted by jean-paul on Thu, 03/06/2014 - 21:31

Am I allowed to reapeat any gratutudes? Ever? What if I'm super grateful? I'm not sure how long I can think of original gratutudes, but we'll see!


3 Gratitudes - March 4, 2014

Submitted by jean-paul on Wed, 03/05/2014 - 01:44

In class this evening, my professor who by day is a clinical child-psychologist re-challenged us to try the 3 gratitudes method of increasing positive affect. I sort of scoffed at the idea on the inside, I think because of the [long pause] on reflection I don't know why.

At the end of that same class, I made reference to #neknomination and how I would like to see it turned around in to a force for good. Apparently I'm a bit disconnected because this has already been done and redone as, among other things, #RAKnomination.